We wanna deliver a fresh and woo-woo-free approach to yoga, that breaks with stereotypes and common beliefs and speaks to you if you’re like us more into singing along Kanye West than into singing bowls. In our sessions, designed to intentionally exercise our bodies and our minds, we’ll train our awareness for what is going on in both of them while we move and even more while we’re being still.

Our vinyasa-based practice links breath with flowing mindful movements, braiding postures together in sequences that start with a centering opening, preparing for the heat-building core flow, closing with a soothing cool-down and final resting pose.

Expect to strengthen and lengthen your muscles, creating stability and flexibility on a bodily level. At the same time find how these effects will appear in your brain too, developing stronger and limber mental muscles. You’ll enhance your ability to stay focused and alert and uncover stiff and rigid thought patterns that literally make you fall short. Just like your hamstrings need a stretch in order to create space, so does your mind to increase the range of motion in your head.

Exploring the mind-body-connection and gaining insight on how the physical practice on the mat teaches us a lot about how we flow off the mat is what we call working in ‘n’ out. Watch how over time you’ll become less focused on touching your toes, but be hooked on getting in touch with yourself.

Private/Semi-private sessions

Flowing in a group can feel overwhelming so a one-on-one experience with a yoga sequence designed to focus on your individual needs is your thing. No matter if you want to flow in a private or in a semi-private session – get in touch to schedule a flow matching your personal preferences, experience level and your calendar.

Corporate sessions

Yoga is a perfect tool to create not only a team-vibe-building experience, but one that builds up the resilience skills of your entire team. Watch stress, burnout, and performance anxiety get replaced with an increase in happiness, focus, productivity and boosted creativity. If you are interested in offering yoga sessions at your company reach out and get more information.