Our story starts with you. Cause all it takes to upgrade your vibe is to be found inside yourself. Yes, it’s that simple! What we need though is to identify, understand and train these inherent uplifting skills that can be applied to vibe higher by default. Fair enough, that might not always be simple. Cut the blood, but expect sweat and maybe even tears. The real fun part of exercising those skills is that you unlock internal ways to shift how you perceive and deal with the outside stuff.

We believe that change begins with setting things in motion. Starting inside. In our minds and our bodies. And ultimately setting something in motion in the world around us. We want to create a movement that makes hanging out with yourself a thing. Deeply engaging with oneself actually engaging. And that is open to everyone who is striving for a new take on the relationship with your mind, your body and that thing which makes you “you” called your soul.

We seek to be boundary-pushing and reshape the way you thought about yoga, mindfulness and self-inquiry by offering a clean, simple and down-to-earth approach to these ideas. Think about us as your mentor with zero ego coming from a place of humble expertise. We’re here to guide and assist you in reconnecting with your body, fueling your mind, exploring different tools and finding those that speak to you to upgrade your state of being. And while we’re serious about the life-changing benefits of that, we don’t take life and ourselves too serious. Seriously.

We thrive on being your support in pumping up your inner skillset and making you own your ability to level your vibe up from the inside out. This is what drives us in everything we do. End of story. Mic drop.