We’re open for all who are all in. No matter if you have never practiced yoga before or for years. If your are a yoga freak or someone yoga is freaking out. We think of our sessions not as a class, but as an experience. An experience that lasts 75 minutes, but what you take away lasts way longer.

We wanna create a down-to-earth and laid-back spirit, not only when we lay on our backs, but how we approach guiding you through the flow. In our sessions we’ll kill our egos with kindness and don’t compete with ourselves or with the one on the mat next to us. Instead of blindly imitating, our goal is to give a clear understanding of the anatomical concept and benefits of each posture, help you get to know your body, its comfort zone and limits and those of your mind. And make the session all about caring for no one else but you.

That’s also why we take care of everything else: mats, straps and yoga blocks. We all got it covered. Just come as you are and enjoy some real good quality time with yourself.