I’m Kyra – the face behind the ybe

And I was just as sceptic, alienated and irritated by the whole mindfulness and yoga buzz out there as you maybe are. And in many ways I am still that way, being less OM and more OMG. That is why I want to create something that unites the best of both my worlds – for me and for you.

Working as a Creative Director in advertising I know a bit about how to direct people’s attention towards certain things and get brains to think something outside ourselves would meet our internal needs. So that we finally feel the way we wanna feel. I was a professional in playing the if-then-game – at work and in private. I thought I ruled that game. But instead the game ruled me. Something I came to realise when I started to work in as excessively as I used to make myself sweat when working out and shifted my focus inward. A decision that created the biggest shift in my life – and my vibe. Holy shift!

A few ticked gen-y-cliché-boxes later, I was hooked on learning how to mind my own mind’s business. I completed my YogaWorks® 200-Hour Teacher Training with Alicia Cheung and Oliver Reinsch in Bali, Indonesia in July 2018. YogaWorks® is credited as laying the foundation for yoga in the United States, 
5-Star Yoga Alliance rated and recognised as one of the best yoga teacher training programs around the world, considered to be the “Harvard of yoga schools”. Many of the most respected and popular yoga teachers today have trained with them.

Besides my yoga education I am continuously studying the scientific and spiritual approaches of mindfulness, expanding and deepening my knowledge in how to integrate the different practices into the daily life. Amongst others I took courses in The science of well-being with Professor Laurie Santos at Yale University and Positive Psychology with Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D. at University of Pennsylvania.